Moving forward

Braggot is an ancient drink that has been around for centuries and is produced from both honey and malt (mead and beer). One of the most common references to braggot was from "The Millers's Tale", part of Chaucer's 15th century Canterbury Tales in which he describes a “youthful wife” as having a mouth as “sweet as bragget or as mead.”

As a home brewer I started making mead in 2000 after returning from Germany and shortly afterwards started making beer and braggots before knowing what a braggot was.

I have since retired from the military and now planning on expanding my home brewing to a commercial operation so that I can have the freedom to help other Veterans with basic necessities that fall outside the normal guidelines.

Over the years (between 2002 - 2018) I have aquired, .net, .org and .info along with 17 other .com name variations to include from “The Miller’s Tale". Throughout history it has also been spelled as bragot, bragaut and bragawd.

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